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Friday, March 28

GOOD READ: Marginalized groups don't have the same experiences, but that doesn't make their fights invalid

Excellent post at Alas, A Blog about why comparing fat activism (or any other "lesser" discrimination) to anti-racism (or any other more "legitimate" discrimination) is misguided-that the fact that oppressions are different doesn't make any fights against oppression invalid.

But so what? Being Black is not like being fat is not like being female is not like being queer is not like being disabled is not like being Asian is not like being trans is not like being poor is not like being…

No marginalized group’s experience is exactly like any other’s. No one’s experiences are interchangeable. But the legitimacy of fat activists’ complaints doesn’t depend on us showing our experiences are exactly like the black experience, or the lesbian experience, etc..

Read the whole post here.

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