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Friday, April 18

WOMEN: Please consider participating in Esquire's Survery

Via WIMN's Voices: This is not to endorse Esquire at all, but they are wanting to hear from real, actual women the answer to one question: What is something that men don’t know about women?

Since I am one who loathes men's magazines and does not cease in perpetually critiquing their phallocentric approach to het relationships with women, this seems like something women ought to participate in. Since, ya know, they're actually asking. Not that I have a ton of faith in accurate reporting, but hey, it's worth a try, yes?

Read the info at the WIMN's Voices link above. Think about it, and make your response articulate and meaningful.

1 Comment:

jenn said...

Hey, thanks for the post. I'd love you to write what you wrote here (about being a vocal critic of lad mags but also thinking it's worth a shot to try and improve content when they ask for feminist input) to the comments of WIMN's Voices. so far we haven't had anyone jump in... maybe all people need is to see one person posting...