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Thursday, May 1

DC Madam Commits Suicide

Thomas at Feministe says it perfectly so I'm just going to quote their post here:

The “D.C. Madam” has committed suicide.

Opinions among feminist about sex work vary widely, but I think we probably all agree about one thing: no just system would make things worse for the women that do the sex work, than for the men who act as customers. Yet, this blog has covered before, in this case, the johns were spared public humiliation, but the sex workers were dragged up on the stand and asked painfully invasive questions. This is not the first suicide in the case; according to the story, one of the women who worked for the service previously killed herself. A culture that puts women in a position of doing sex work and then so shames them and persecutes them for it that they take their own lives is deeply sick.

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MLO said...

The women were suicided to protect someone in power. Period. There is no way they committed suicide. No one I know believes it wasn't foul play. One, women rarely use hanging as a method - it is almost the exclusive domain of young men. Second, the woman who was a biologist?! She would have known which drugs to take to commit suicide in a painless and "not messy" way.