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Sunday, April 13

A Resolution

There has been a huge controversy in the feminist blogosphere involving allegations of plagiarism/appropriation of a woman of color's work by a white woman. I am not posting this to engage the debate. I am very sad to see brownfemipower deleted her blog La Chola.

This recent event must be understood in a context of issues of feminism and race. You can read various perspectives and contextual understanding (and attempts at discussion) from:

Alas, A Blog
The Curvature

Melissa at Shakesville posted a terrific set of resolutions arising from the situation that I am citing here to show my full agreement with and commitment to them as a feminist blogger:

We will write about, discuss, advocate, and recognize as integral to the central tenets of feminism/womanism issues our sisters of color bring to our attention.

We will link to our sisters of color—in the blogroll, in the blogarounds, and in posts—and will welcome them as commenters, guest posters, and contributors at Shakesville.

We will not appropriate their work, but amplify their work and integrate their ideas with attribution.

We will endeavor always to be aware of our privilege, and, in moments of failure, will remain open to criticisms and suggestions, resolve to think twice before responding defensively, and apologize when we fuck up.

We resolve to listen to you.

And I agree wholeheartedly.