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Thursday, April 17

Props where props are due: Entertainment Weekly

AfterEllen comments on Entertainment Weekly's "50 Actors We'd Watch in Anything" list. The downside? Only 18 out of 50 are women. The upside? The women chosen are actually good, respectable actresses, their presence on the list seems to actually be about their acting! As opposed to the lists that, ya know, end up being more about popularity and sex appeal, and rarely correspond to actress' talent. Bravo!

Some of the women named include Rosario Dawson (! a woman of color!), Allison Janney (I'm a huge West Wing fan), Kate Winslett, Catherine Keener, Julia Stiles, to name a few. And no, there's no hottie-of-the-moment-that-gets-ignored-once she-gets-prego-and/or-older-than-24. For once.