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Friday, April 11

Carnival of Feminists No. 57

Check out the 57th Carnival of Feminists at Pandemian. I'm going to highlight two posts on an issue close to my heart: female body hair as a (highly oppressive and repressive) cultural taboo.

Two posts about the fraught relationships women have with their body hair, the first from The Jaded Hippy and the second from Anji at Shut Up Sit Down.

Body Hair

"Women have body hair. We choose to manipulate it or get rid of it. But pure and simple, WE HAVE IT. And I have always been of the opinion that we should be able to simply HAVE it, and should not feel obligated to do anything about that."

The Politics of Body Hair

"Put down the damned razor and love your body the way it is naturally, not the way you've been taught it ought to be. By refusing to participate personally, but becoming one more woman who challenges the status quo by loving her body hair, you become one more soldier in the army fighting towards making women's bodily self-esteem and equality a reality."