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Tuesday, March 18

Please help take action against racist advertising campaign

The National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF) is asking folks to take action against the above campaign publicizing a new Asian fusion restaurant owned by Chow Fun Food Group, Inc.

Thankfully, because of the outcry over the ad - it's been pulled by Chow Fun Food Group owner John Elkhay. But NAPAWF says that's just the first step.

read the full story and sign the petition at feministing

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1 Comment:

John 'Pizzamonk'Adams said...

Okay Lindabeth. I can see how this ad may be offensive to some. However, I see very little difference between this ad and those of Calvin Klein or Abercrombie and Fitch. Or other un-named businesses that use the human form to sell product. Furthermore, as to the cry of racism, what is racist about this ad? I read fifteen definitions of racism and none of them apply here. Are we to assume the torso in the ad is Asian because of "traditional chinese lettering". As to the "commodification" of Asian culture, written of in the NAPAWF's official statement, Asians all over the globe are directly responsible for this. An American businessman takes advantage of this and it's racist? Oh, please. Asian female exoticism is simply a fetish that many, many Asians themselves fill their own personal bank accounts with. Naming the restaurant Chinese Laundry clearly missed the mark and ignored history. And what started as racism in history is not what kept chinese laundries as stereotypically chinese after that. They are now just family run businesses. Calling this ad racist is really saying that it being offensive isn't enough.