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Saturday, March 15

I kinda like this "peep" show :-P

Saw this image on the Good Vibrations blog, labeled as "The ULTIMATE peep show". Now strip club politics aside, I'm liking this image.

Reason: pomosexuality.

With the exception of the rabbit with pasties alluding to breasts, the characters aren't clearly sex specific, so you can imagine the roles being played by either (or neither!) sex. ambiguity-check.

While a certain mag has made it such that bunnies are equivalent to women (or "girls"), not necessarily so. after all, the observers are chicks. female spectators-check.

If you want the bunnies and chicks to be female, then we have ourselves a cool, woman-only sexual space. check.

Perhaps the chicks just got finished performing, after all, they're already undressed. Plus, where'd they get all that cash? Sexual performance done by all genders in the same venue-check, check.

What would make this even better? Both chicks and bunnies performing sexuality, and on stage together, de-centering and confounding our assumptions about the process of consolidating sexuality by (women) performing it and (men) consuming it, and offering up sexual pleasure that refuses a heteronormative gaze.

Happy Easter, tweet tweet.


Kuono said...

Your break down of this image is almost parallel to the thoughts that I had when the senior buyer shared it with me!

AND completely inspirational for holiday-themed sex-themed images to be launched into online circulation. Next Easter is gonna be so much fun.

lindabeth said...

WOW! That really made my day!

I love the idea of ambiguity and pleasure...we get so stuck on identity and proscriptive roles and assumptions, it's stifling!

Let me know when the images are out and I'll promote'em!